The eXfil outside the waistband (OWB) holster is designed from the ground up for comfort, concealability and a perfect fit.

Professionally reviewed by USCCA, 248Shooter, American Handgunner Magazine and used by countless government, law enforcement agents and civilians country wide, the Detroit Concealment eXfil holster is the ONLY choice for outside the waistband carry.

The sooner you order, the sooner it's on your hip.

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Warranty: Guaranteed for life!

If you somehow break it (doubt it). Send it back for a free replacement!
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Upgrade to flat belt loop for extra concealment

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Great Holster!

I have tried many holsters and found the eXfil OWB to be far superior. It has quality kydex and components. Great retention, the re-holster is very smooth and easy. The gun clicks into the holster securely. Fits close to the body for easy concealment. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend it.

Look no further: Best Holster Ever

For my concealed carry needs, this holster is the ticket. As a women with curves, I've spent more money then necessary on other high end holsters that don't give me the snug and secure feeling I get with Detroit Concealment. I have purchased an IWB holster as well, but just prefer the OWB. I have since purchased another OWB holster for another new 2nd Amendment purchase I gifted to myself. Paired with a good leather belt... a Detroit Concealment holster is well worth the money.

awesome product

Awesome holster. Solid build, belt loops are tough, and the angles of the belt loops are perfect. The HUGE thing on this holster is the retention screw. You can buy similar holsters from raven or bravo, but this one sets itself apart with being able to vary renention. This also comes into play when the holster wears- you can tighten it, where with others, you're stuck with loose retention. Overall great product.


Unbelievably good product. Best value, quality, comfort, and retention I have ever seen

happy boyfriend

I purchased this for my boyfriend, and I asked for his review. He gave me two thumbs up, and he's pleasant, so thank you.

Excellent Quality

Just received my eXfil OWB holster for S&W Shield. Fits pistol like a glove. Very good retention. Quality is excellent, no burrs or sharp edges. I added the optional flat loop so that it sits closer to my hip which is what I was looking for. Thank you,

A Keeper

I'm a firearms instructor and holsters are important for all my classes, but especially my CCL classes. I bring a big duffle with no less than 100 holsters I've bought at some point in my professional career and almost as many didn't make it to the duffle. I bring this to let new CCW students see what's available, ask questions, etc. From Thunderwear to a Miami Classic II shoulder holster, neck holsters, purse, bra, bellybands, they're most types are covered. These are holsters I no longer use for one reason or the other. No less than 7-8 are recent rejects from the Kydex era. This holster was for myself. It had to fit an MP9 with the 4.5" barrel and a RMR bedded into my slide by ATEi. I prefer a OWB and ideally would be able to use it for both the range during instruction and my personal concealed carry. I wanted a bit of snap to it so I ordered the back Kydex in blood red (it would never been seen while carrying, but would on the range) and a Black Typhoon (Kryptex) outer. I'm not a fan of Kryptex, but it does break up the outline of the holster in case I inadvertently expose the holster during CCW. I ordered the flat belt loops and forward cant, and was curious but not put off that there was no RMR option. 3-4 weeks later it arrived, well within the advertised time span. Visually the aesthetics were impressive, many have commented on it's appearance. That's nice, but did the Kryptex break up the outline? I staged it on a pair of black Vertex and stone wash 511 Levi's, and for different reasons was equally effectively on both. The finish showed an attention to detail level you don't see often on such an inexpensive product. Impressive. Hardware appears to be all USA made. It was set up for a forward cant With these holsters you just change the belt loop location to achieve the desired cant. Simple and effective, yet I've never seen it before. The shirt card was a bit high and squared off, any higher and it would have been a "Paul Howe" mod allowing one-handed silent withdrawal. Totally appropriate for a OWB. The bottom isn't totally enclosed, it's left open so all but the boulders will fall out. I prefer this to totally enclosed. Trying it on for the first time I noticed the curve matched the regular belt loop in the front and flat in the back. I prefer both loops to be the flat bat-wings. So it was fine with my range gun, but my RMR wouldn't fit it. Fit, tension, all clean and very nicely done. I love the inclusion of a tension screw. Seems few Kydex makers provide this option, instead preferring to set a one size fits all tension during molding of the Kydex. I was really starting to like this holster, and this next part I'm sure would void my warranty.. but it had to be done. I sat down at the bench and with the help of my Foredom rotary tool carefully cut the proper relief so the RMR fit properly. This included about 3/8" on the front along the top, and more from the shirt guard. Once it was clearanced I smoothed and then polished the edges so you couldn't tell it didn't come that way. NOW it fit my RMR 4.5" MP9 to perfection and the tension screw allowed for a perfect tension. 30 minutes of dry fire and an hour on the range later I have every reason to believe this will be a keeper and not take up residence in my duffle. This is a really nice holster and I'm already getting queries about where once can be sourced. Thank you Detroit Concealment!